In 2008, in search of adventure and wanting to live life a little differently we moved to Normandy in France where we lived in a caravan in a field and rebuilt, renovated and rejuvenated a traditional granite cottage.  We planned to take 2 years doing this and then perhaps return to our ‘normal’ life back in the UK…normal jobs, normal mortgage, normal commutes, you get the picture.  Instead we discovered that self employment, no mortgage, lengthy but irregular commutes across the channel and time and energy to plough into exploring self sufficiency, land management and French life were all rather enticing.

These days we live in the cottage and share our life with Oscar the cat who came with us from the UK, Rufus the Alaskan Malamute who joined us in 2010 and changed our lives forever and a changing menagerie of poultry, rabbits and pigs as we continue our explorations into rearing and growing our own food.  We are poorer financially but inifinitely richer in adventures, experiences and learning.

Sadly our blog of the early days, caravan life and the rebuilding of our home has been lost but this is a new start and a new blog about our ongoing life, adventures, food and happenings at La Pichotiere.


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