Ponds, polytunnels and a little progress

Apparently we have had the coldest Spring in 50 years. On Monday I got up early to catch the ferry and there was frost on the grass – it was the last Monday in May and on Sunday I had planted out a host of seedlings that I’ve been caring for in the polytunnel until I had dug enough ground over outside. I tiptoed across the frosty grass to check on them and breathed a sigh of relief that they looked as though they had escpaed the worst of it. Between the weather (an ongoing round of teasing sunshiny days and then monsoons, cold and wind) and work commitments I haven’t managed to move things on outside as much as I’d like but it’s probably a good job. Plants that were put outside about a month ago look as though they’re hunkered down like the rest of us waiting for the weather to warm up – beans that I planted as seeds in the polytunnel at the same time as planting bean plants outside have now overtaken the earlier ones.

However a few sunny days this weekend and suddenly everyone and everything seems to be perking up. We’ve had a pond dug under the oak tree by a friend with a JCB and I’ve started letting the chickens out each day to freerange – there’s few things more exciting for a hen than a mountain of freshly dug earth.


Over the next few weeks we’re hoping to fence off a good space around the pond and then we can add ducks to our life here along with a few more chickens.

Progress might be slow in the garden but in the polytunnel everything is getting a bit overexcited particularly the cabbages which are enormous. We’re already able to harvest lettuces, rocket, mixed salad leaves and radishes. Now the challenge is to keep sowing successionally and avoid the sudden salad gap I usually manage to create by taking my eye off the ball.


The pigs are growing at a rate of knots and getting through pasture like a bunch of locusts. We’ve moved them on to a new area this weekend. Never mind pigs in clover we have pigs in buttercups here.

Pigs in buttercups

And, in the rabbit hutches there is a new fluffy fur nest with a bundle of rabbit babies wriggling about in it. So Spring may have been non-existant and Summer may not have arrived just yet but good things are happening around us and I feel a sense of promise for the harvests to come.


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