GLPBP (Great La Pichotiere Baking Project) Recipe 2

On Saturday night we made spicy Moroccan beef patties with crisp carrot salad and a lovely, simple salad made with slithers of courgette, toasted pine nuts and a lemon and olive oil dressing. To go with it I thought I’d rustle up a little last minute roti but was distracted by the recipe for Socca, a thick battery pancake from Southern France made for tearing, sharing, dipping and wrapping. It’s made from equal quantities of gram flour and water – 100ml of each measured in a jug for one pancake the size of an omelette pan. Add salt and pepper, whisk until smooth then pour into a hot oily pan and cook until crisp and brown on one side before flipping and doing the same on the other side. Eh, voila.


Even I couldn’t go far wrong with such a simple recipe. Richard was not a fan of this one but I liked it and ate the whole thing. It reminded me of the sweet corn fritters my dad used to make.


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