The Great La Pichotiere Baking Project Gets Started

The weather has been glorious for about 3 days now and between that and work commitments I hadn’t managed to start my project of learning to bake by baking all the recipes in the River Cottage Bread book. That’s 46 recipes and we’re already 16 weeks into the year which means that I have to average more than 1 a week if I am to achieve this, all whilst staying calm and Zen-like as bread doesn’t like to be hurried or stressed.

I had thought that I would probably start with a basic white loaf as that is the first recipe in the book but today I had friends coming over for coffee so I flicked to the section entitled Buns, Biscuits and Batter Breads. Deciding that doughnuts and croissants might be too much to deal with at this stage of my baking career and that oatcakes and crumpets weren’t right for the occasion I plumped for River Cottage Shortbread which as the author says ‘is quite different from a traditional thick Scottish shortbread’ in fact making thin, light, crumbly biscuits.

Baking Zen found, I creamed, folded, refridgerated, rolled and cut. There was a moment of tension at the rolling stage when the chilled dough broke apart into a number of pieces but I held my nerve and managed to cut out 18 perfect thin sortbread biscuits flavoured with cinnamon. 8 minutes in the oven and a good sprinkling of sugar and this is what they looked like.
Shortbread biscuits

The recipe describes them as ‘rich, delicate biscuits’.  In this case Rich ate most of the delicate biscuits before our friends arrived for coffee so I class that as a success!  There is now dough and general cookery stains on page 158 of ‘Bread’ and the project is underway.


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