Spring is Springing

The weather has got drier and slightly warmer and it seems Spring is finally arriving here at La Pichotiere.  I had to go to the UK for a few days work last week and got home to discover that Richard had built me a desk up on the landing where I am surrounded by books and can procrastinate easily whilst gazing out of the window to where the pigs are now grazing under the willow trees. It’s a definite improvement on the kitchen table where I have been camping out for the last three years or so and Richard cleverly made it out of an offcut of kitchen worktop.  It even came kitted out with a drilled out log to keep my pens in!  Here it is in an uncluttered state but currently sharing the surface with my laptop is a large sleeping cat who sems to think it has been created just for him and stretches a leg across the keyboard every now and then to remind me that I am but an interloper.


In the polytunnel there are suddenly green shoots appearing every day and I am aware that I must get on with digging the new vegetable garden if there’s to be anywhere for things to be planted outside. It’s a big project and I am somewhat daunted by the effort required.  I must remember how good digging is for one’s figure and stamina!

On Wednesday we went to the market at St Hilaire du Harcouet and came home with lettuce, cabbage and tomato seedlings for about a third of the price that I would pay at the garden centre as well as six young chickens to rear for the table and two laying birds who have been named Omelette and Souffle.  They are living in a pen that runs around the side and back of the house with a view to us being able to free range them on the land once they are a little bigger.  This year our thinking is all about the economics of self sufficiency, making do, mending and recycling and my thought is why buy chicken food when there are acres of land for them to forage on and feed themselves?  Under the heading of recycling we also picked up a trailer full of pallets that were being given away this week which will eventually become new compost bins.

The pigs have done a reasonable job of clearing the grass from the new veggie patch space and digging up part of it for me so with help from Richard’s brother Tony who has been staying with us for a few days we decided to move them down to the larger paddock. The easiest way to move pigs is to get them to follow you so with Tony and I running ahead shaking a tin of tasty pellets, Rufus herding stragglers in the middle and Richard bringing up the rear we made a rather funny looking bunch yesterday. We managed to get four pigs into the paddock fairly easily although they were distracted by lush grass along the way but Richard was still in the garden with the last pig, who it turned out was the same one that we spent most of the time chasing around to get in the horsebox when we collected them originally. Once she realised she’d been left behind she soon headed in the right direction and everyone was reunited although Rufus seems to have become confused about where he fits in and I think would quite like to live with the pigs in Central Pork.
Pigs move



2 thoughts on “Spring is Springing

  1. I love your new desk! I think the view out the window is wonderful..it would at least get me up there to start the work. And, although distracting, I think may be good for productivity in the long run?!
    Your chicken names are great!
    You need some workawayers to help with the veg garden!

    • No Workawayers booked in until the middle of May, Peta, so I think I’ll have to get started on it myself! I have just spotted an old rotovator for sale fairly locally though….

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