A Late Start to a New Year

Having spent the latter part of January, all of February and the beginning of March pootling about in Spain and Morocco in our campervan (if you missed it then visit ontheroadwithrufus.wordpress.com for the full story and photos of our adventures) it feels as though 2013 has started rather late at La Pichotiere.  We thought we would have missed the worst weather and could get on with Spring activities on our return but three days after we got home it snowed very heavily and ever since it has been bitterly cold and very un-Springlike.

Snow Rich2

On the one warm day we’ve had I went to the garden centre and bought potting compost, seeds, fresh herbs to go into the kitchen herb bed and new asparagus crowns for the new veggie garden I’m planning but every day since we have had either snow or heavy frost and northerly winds making it bitter outside.  I’ve planted up a load of seeds and am keeping them along with my herbs safe in the polytunnel but there’s no sign of even the smallest peak of greeness in any of the pots yet.  I have big plans for the garden so this is a most disappointing start.  At this rate I can’t see us being able to harvest any vegetables much before September!

Since it feels like New Year I’ve been thinking about plans and projects and baking is on my mind.  Paul Hollywood is doing a great job of tempting me with bready treats on his BBC2 programme every Monday night but I do not have a good reputation with bread making.  I love the idea of it, I love bread and all things baked, I love the smell of it baking but I am not a good baker.  Invariably my loaves are squat, heavy things that would best be used for building a sturdy shed and probably should not be put anywhere near anyone’s digestive system.  I don’t know why this is.  It’s the same whether I use the bread machine or do it by hand, use ingredients from scratch or a packet mix, take all day or do it in a rush.  I have become disheartened by failure.

So, I have decided to challenge myself and learn to bake properly this year.  I am going to work my way through the River Cottage Bread book from start to finish and bake every single recipe in it from a basic loaf to sour dough to crumpets.  I am going to take my time and enlist helpers and eaters along the way.  I am going to analyse my mistakes and learn from them (then use them to edge the paths of the new veggie garden).  That’s 46 recipes my friends.  Not quite Julie Powell’s feat of cooking all of Julia Child’s recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking but a good challenge none the less.  I shall let you know how I get on and do let me know if you want to be a tester at any point!


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